Monday, January 31, 2011


finally i'm home...away from works..away from xquery...hahhahaha
hopefully leh rest kan otak nih..n xde dh mimpi mlm2 psl 'build'....
hepi CNY to all celebrates it...n hepi holiday to all... :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011


am i too obsessed with k-pop@k-world??sure hell i'm..hahhahahah
my mind is been divided into 4 parts but not sure about d equality...hehehe
2)work... sigh~
3)k-pop a.k.a k-world
so basically..mmg i'm thinking about k-world 24/7 hahaha..lg2 skang ni tgh dmm goguma couple in WGM...
so can i make a wish to hv chingu..nampeyeon like yonghwa??? sure i ade ke version tu kat cni?? lg2 yg leh terima my famili lifestyle which is i think abit different wif others..
aigoo~my mum said i'm too choosey..of coz i' sume influential from reading and watching all those super-perfect couples..romantics scenes...

hahahah..ntah ape2 aku merepek nih..chow dulu...nk layan k-pop lg nih~

29th days after new year~

hehehe..lame giller xtulih cni...
xtau dh nk tulih ape...keje skang ni cam xde life hopefully this buziness is for temp only...
i wish my famili will be more understanding wif my current situation..but yet i cant forced everyone to understand me rite...
it's a sad things when ur famili argue about ur time..T_T
tp ok la..since skang nih pon aku xde just kene jage perasaan famili tersayang jer..yg len tu lantak pi la.. maleh cheq nk pikiaq...hahahha