Saturday, January 29, 2011


am i too obsessed with k-pop@k-world??sure hell i'm..hahhahahah
my mind is been divided into 4 parts but not sure about d equality...hehehe
2)work... sigh~
3)k-pop a.k.a k-world
so basically..mmg i'm thinking about k-world 24/7 hahaha..lg2 skang ni tgh dmm goguma couple in WGM...
so can i make a wish to hv chingu..nampeyeon like yonghwa??? sure i ade ke version tu kat cni?? lg2 yg leh terima my famili lifestyle which is i think abit different wif others..
aigoo~my mum said i'm too choosey..of coz i' sume influential from reading and watching all those super-perfect couples..romantics scenes...

hahahah..ntah ape2 aku merepek nih..chow dulu...nk layan k-pop lg nih~

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