Saturday, October 22, 2011


hate myself for seeking others understanding when i dont even understand myself..huhuhu

when i'm down..always get a hope that ppl wil understand me but the fact itself i dont even understand y on earth that i'm being down..huhu T_T

lately someone had pulled my sadness trigger...sian dier xpsl2 kene tempias..
i've been embrassing myself for making him/her sad.. i'm such a bad person kan...
disebabkan masalah sniri org len yg kene tanggung..uhuhuhuh

now i think i've woke up from bad dream already..can recover from any sadness slowly.... ^_^
i should always smile no matter what..should not be a burden to others coz i'm independent rite..

dh ujung2 25yrs old nih...cam2 rs dugaan perasaan hahahahah...naseb badan la... *_^

till then..adios ^_^

**allah humma solli ala muhammad wa ali muhammad**

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